Time on the road.

IMG 2026 emergency repairs

The time spent on the road with wheels turning is your key to success.
We try to be flexible with hours of operation.


We do planned service work and repairs at night so you are back in business for next day 
Of course they is a little extra charge over the normal rate but in real terms you are saving time.
While you sleep a qualified experienced truck mechanic is at work.
Emergency Repairs
Emergency repairs, quite often we need a repair to get the job done a part maybe weeks away or no wreckers have the part.
Many dealerships and workshops will put you off the road till they get the part.
Sometimes a bit of weld, 50 cable ties or a bypass wire can get us through till the correct part arrives.
As long it safe to get through the day we try to keep
 you on the road.
engine work

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Deano's Diesels is a small business committed to the repair and maintenance of heavy vehicles.

We are 100% mobile with almost all the gear to get you back on the road.

Est. in 2011. I wanted to provide a service for owners of trucks in East Lake Macquarie to have there vehicles maintained by a qualified heavy vehicle mechanic. I could see there was no dedicated licensed business in this area servicing heavy vehicles at that time, so that's roughly how it started.

It also allows me be a little flexible with the time I spend with the family.


We repair most makes and models of trucks including American, Jap, European.

We have up to date Jaltest computer software that provides communication with the latest models of truck, bus and light commercial vehicles. It covers the majority of USA, JAP, EURO trucks, Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar, Benz ..... Jaltest was mostly European but it has now entered the american market and is a good all round diagnostic tool. 

I've 20 odd years in fleet maintenance, covering lots of different machines from the humble VICTA, Lift Trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, rubbish compactor units, VAC trucks, cranes,  trucks, Frannas, Earthmoving....

We do onsite suspension work, brake repairs, engine repairs, air leaks, PTO Repairs, Basic Hydraulics, replacing Diffs, fuel pump installs, Basic electrical work, Clutch adjustments, Service work, Vehicle inspections (not RTA defect clearance as RTA won't let mobile workshops clear).

We have a competitive fixed hourly rate for day work and night work.

After hours breakdown is available (rates apply). 0437425407

We service South from Mt White, Central Coast. North to Buludelah.  West to Broke Cessnock.


Dean Porteous


Email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

39 Dudley Road Charlestown NSW 2290